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We sell the National Garden Gift Paper Vouchers from The HTA.

Please note as of January 2022 we accept National garden gift paper vouchers but we do not accept the new E-vouchers.  (We still accept the old gift cards starting 1000 but not the new gift cards starting 6085)



We have had a small delivery of fruit trees including the following varieties –

APPLES – Boskop, James Grieve, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Elstar, Topaz, Benoni

CHERRY – Lapins, Kordia, Sunburst, Stella

PLUM – Hauszwetsche, Reine Claude d Oullins, Opal

PEAR – Conference



Most soft fruits are very easy to grow in the UK with very few special requirements except for maybe blueberries which need acid soil and feed. Soft fruits are best planted in a sunny, sheltered site protected from cold, dry winds but nearly all types will do reasonably well in light shade as well. But remember more sun equals more fruit! Containerised grown canes can be planted at any time of the year providing the ground is not frozen or waterlogged.

Enrich the soil with manure or compost before planting and feed each year. Keep the plants well-watered and free from weeds.  Almost all types of fruits may need to be protected from preying birds when they are fruiting and depending on the fruit bush you choose will depend on when and if it needs pruning


Please note we do not have strawberries yet but they will be in later in the spring.

We have had our delivery of seed potatoes, onions, shallots and garlic.

Potatoes are available in 2kg Carri packs and taster packs with around 10 seed potatoes in a pack.

Onions and shallots are in pre-packs, Garlic is in a pack of 1 or 2 bulbs per pack.

This year our garlic, shallots, onions and potatoes have come from Taylors Bulbs again. The potatoes are available in a 2kg carry home pack and taster packs of 10 seed potatoes for spring planting.

Our range contains First and Second Early, Main Crop and Sapro Mira the Super Blight resistant seed potatoes. The Seed Potato Taster Pack is ideal for the gardener requiring smaller quantities and a range of varieties.

With a large selection of potato varieties in our range, choosing which Seed Potatoes to plant can be a bit daunting! So here is a short guide to help choose which varieties to grow:

The seed potato packs are colour coded; blue for “First Earlies”, orange for “Second Earlies” and green for “Maincrop”.

First and Second Earlies will give you “new potatoes” in the summer, Maincrops will give you tubers for eating in the autumn and enough to store over winter for later use.

First Earlies will typically be ready for harvesting in June/July, Second Earlies in July/August and Main Crops from August onward but if storing then can be harvested in September or October.

For a list of what we have please click on the following link –   SEED POTATOES, ONIONS, GARLIC 

(this list may be subject to change without notice due to crop failure etc).


Happy New Year to all our customers!  We have been closed for a short break but have been busy ordering and taking in stock for the new gardening year whilst our doors have been closed. We will be reopened fully from Monday 10th January: Monday- Saturday 9-5pm Sunday 10-4pm

The first of our deliveries have started to arrive including a lovely selection of houseplants.  Please see our social media pages for pictures – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Please visit the London Borough of Lewisham website for locations where you can recycle your Christmas Tree.

Over the coming weeks we are expecting stock including seed potatoes, potted bulbs – so if you forgot to plant your autumn bulbs there is still time to have spring colour. We have already had a delivery of Sylvgrow/Melcourt organic and peat-free compost.



We have had a lovely delivery of Dahlias and perennials – perfect to fill those gaps in the garden and give you a burst of colour.

Dahlias in lots of colours – also Delphiniums, Eucomis, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Scabious, and Astilbe.


We have had a delivery of soft fruit –

Blackberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, gooseberry, loganberry, tayberry, pinkcurrant, rhubarb.

We are now able to choose our own varieties of perennials and are getting deliveries most weeks. Here are some pictures of this weeks delivery.

These are great for adding colour to your garden and come back next year!


We would recommend protecting against slugs when you plant in the form of barriers or pellets.



Just in from Taylors bulbs are 5 varieties of seed potatoes that you plant now and harvest for Christmas.


Planting time July to September for harvest from November onwards.  Can be planted into containers/ potato bags or open ground.  Approximate harvest is 12 weeks or after flowering – harvest as required, the remainder can be left in situ for up to a month.



UPDATED 3/3/21 – composts and bark are selling fast – so not all on this list is available now.

Stock is slow to arrive at the moment but there will always be stock on order but it may take a while to get to us.  It is best to pop in and see what is in or you can email us.

We have a  selection of composts, manure, bark and soil conditioners in stock.

Please see click here for a full list – composts, manure, soil conditioners, bark etc  COMPOST MANURE & BARK ETC – LIST JAN 2021[207461]